Night Arrival of Sea-Trout

Ted Hughes

Honeysuckle hanging her fangs.

Foxglove rearing her open belly.

Dogrose touching the membrane.

Through the dew’s mist, the oak’s mass

Comes plunging, tossing dark antlers.

Then a shattering

Of the river’s hole, where something leaps out –

An upside-down, buried heaven

Snarls, moon-mouthed, and shivers.


Summer dripping stars, biting at the nape.

Lobworms coupling in saliva.

Earth singing under her breath.


And out in the hard corn a horned god

Running and leaping

With a bat in his drum.


Welcome to Ecotherapy Exeter. We deliver programmes that provide therapeutic experiences outdoors to people looking for psychological support.

Our approach combines the innate healing power of nature with group sharing, personal reflection and creative processes, and is based on many years of research, experience and professional practice.

The outdoors offers a gentle, supportive and stimulating therapeutic environment. Our programmes are accessible to a diverse range of people and provides therapy that feels more informal, relaxed and engaging than working in a conventional clinical setting.

Our Walks for Wellbeing programme offers a series of weekly sessions, each lasting for two hours and undertaken in a group of up to 12 people. Two facilitators work with each group and each programme consists of six sessions over the Autumn and Spring.