Information for clients

If you, or someone you know, is interested in participating in one of our programmes,  contact us.

Our Next ‘Walk for Wellbeing’

The next series of walks will take place in the Autumn. The dates will be announced shortly.


The standard principles of confidentiality in talking therapy apply to ecotherapy, so that participants can maximise their trust in the group and its processes.

The spaces we have chosen to work in are private and it is unlikely that members of the public will interrupt us. In such an instance there are simple procedures to keep the space exclusive to the group.  We agree not to speak of other group members or anything they say outside the group time – the content of the group stays within the group.

The fact of attendance at the group is kept in confidence and it is up to individuals how they name the activity they are involved in. The ecotherapists working with the group share aspects of individual and group processes with each other when in the best interests of the participants. All ecotherapists are in professional supervision and confidentiality is included in that context.

What to bring

We will work outdoors most of the time. If the weather is very bad, we’ll take shelter. Please bring whatever you need to keep warm and dry – and if in doubt, bring too much rather than too little.

Please bring along:

  • A waterproof jacket;
  • Some warm clothes;
  • Something to sit on (a carrier bag with a newspaper inside it will do) and;
  • You may also like to bring a flask or bottle of water and a snack.

Please do get in  contact if you have any questions.